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About yesshows

Yesshows was founded in 2016 during a progressive rock night in de Boerderij in Zoetermeer (the Netherlands).

The band consists of five top musicians who bring the music of Yes from the Yessongs era with the same passion and energy as Yes did in the 70s. The comments from the worldwide Yes fans are very positive. Some even talk about Yesshows as one of the best Yes tribute bands in the world.

Through this website you will be informed about our upcoming concerts, watch the live promo films and read the comments of the Yes fans.

If you want to feel that energy and passion, then you should not miss this.

We perform the songs with the same energy and intensity as Yessongs.

How about Close to the Edge and And you and I ?

How about Roundabout and Heart of the sunrise ?

How about Perpetual change and Starship trooper ?

How about that beautiful Relayer song called Soon ?

How about Wonderous stories and masterpiece Awaken ?

Our gigs


14-6-2019, Spirit of 66,
Verviers (B)

Tickets €13,00

4-10-2019, Cacaofabriek,

Yesshows plays Yessongs
Genesis Project plays Seconds Out
Tickets €15,00 available here


Below you can watch some live videos of Yesshows, recorded during several of their concerts.

Meet the Band

Hover over a bandmember and get to know them better.
Ebert Zwart
Keyboards & Backing vocals
Ebert Zwart
Hi all

Ebert was born in 1963 and is Yes fan since 1979. He plays progressive rock since 1999. Before that Ebert played several styles like Pop, Soul and Jazzrock/Fusion. Yessongs was Eberts 2nd album he ever bought and now he has the opportunity to keep Wakemans parts alive!

Enzo Gallo
Guitar & Steel guitar
Member Photo
Hi all

Enzo was born 1971, the release year of Fragile. At the age of 13 Enzo started playing in bands, playing New wave to Progressive rock. Now he has the chance to seriously play the Yes repertoire. A good occasion to dive into Steve Howe parts.

Katinka van der Harst
Lead vocals & Harp
Member Photo
Hi there

Katinka sang here whole life, but didn't find the stage until the 21st century. At first in a coverband with her father and from 2013 as a singer in Infloyd and Ayreon. Now as the lead vocalist in Yesshows, an offer she couldn't resist.

Lex Bekkernens
Drums & Percussion
Member Photo

Lex was born in 1988. He is a multi instrumentalist, playing drums, piano and guitar. Diagnosed with Gilles de la tourette syndrome, he now is famous for playing the piano in the Tourette band. Besides Yesshows Lex plays in Genesis Project, Mangrove and his solo project Deflexion.

Martin Thoolen
Bass, Bass pedals & Backing vocals
Member Photo

Martin was born in 1962. At age of 12 he was enthusiastic about the sound of the Rickenbacker bass and Moog Synthesizers. As an autodidact he started to play the music of Yes, ELP, Rush and Genesis. Now he plays the Chris Squire limited edtion of the Rickenbacker 4001 and the Moog taurus 1 bass pedals.

What people say about the Heart of the sunrise movie

It is always nice to read the comments on our movies that are made by those who watched our movies.

very nice indeed...well played guys !!!

SMOOTH bass !!

Keyboards = 8, Bass = 8, Guitar = 8, Druns = 7, Vocals = 5. The average = 7.2 So you pass the exam. Congratulations

Oh man! Beautiful!!

Band is great, the singer lacks emotion. Like a stepford singe

Very good ...Great to hear tribute band with one of their best songs ..... Enjoyed played well ALL!!!

Way to keep the spirit of Yes alive.

YOu play my favorite Band awesomeil

Muy bueno !

Excellent !

super :-)

Does this band tour in the states? Well I have no doubt you would do well here. A very talented group.

Damm good!! Any KC shows in the works?

wow. That is a super tight performance. I loved it. I'm dying to see more. Post whatever you have for sure.

Wow, that gives YES a run for its money. Bravo!


Very nicely done! Kudos to all of you!

How about a rig rundown? The sound on all the gear is spot on!

Wow I have to say I believe you all nailed it. Not an easy Yes song by any means. The sound was spot on great job Bravo

Brilliant performance, not a simple as you think. Everyone did a wonderful job on a,classic Yes song.

Well done sooo good.

love it! Great performance by all!

Awesome !!

And a great sound !!

Damn that was good


WELL DONE !!!!!!!

Someone was recently saying that a woman singing yes would work well ... proof.

This is really nice!

Wow that is a great cover band Heart Of The Sunrise

Nice job guys

That was truly brilliant !!! Love & peace

Martin - the musicianship here is brilliant. By far the best Yes tribute I've seen. Keep up the good work, and post more here for all of us to enjoy!

Amazing cover! I play drums, but this, one of my favorite songs ever, is simply too intense for me..Tip of hat to the outstanding drummer! Everyone else too.!

Yes songs are perfectly suited the female voice, I would love to see a show,

Probably the best real YES Tribute Band I've heard. I really enjoyed it. They didn't miss a beat!!! I'd rather hear them than the Allen White Band playing Yes music.

I been a yes fan for40 yrs now my friend has a band that play yes music like u guys ur a great bass palyers keep rocking it

Excellent, every note, every nuance captured- DAMN! I do wish the singer was not flat in some places, but I couldn't do it, so...props.

Absolutely outstanding musicianship. All parts they nailed it.

That gave me chills. Beautifully done!

RESPECT! Excellent rendition, you nailed it, tone, timing, force, feeling.....and it is a gargantuan track!

Omg, they sound just like Yes! Awrsome!

I am really blown away by this! Wow! fantastic. I am a lifelong Yesfan and am really impressed by this!

Tonight's show at the parkvilla theater in Alphen aan den Rijn was great! I am a big Yes fan since the late seventies. You guys and girl play Yes so Yes-like. It was fantastic and I certainly will come to one of your future shows. It is great that bands like yours help to keep the classic symphonic music alive. Thanks for a fantastic evening.

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